The Cassette Capsule
Take a closer look at the latest release from our Audio/Visual Dept.
Photography: Jay Diebel
Styling: Joel Lazo
Since its creation in early 2016, the purpose of the Audio/Visual Dept. has been to serve as a platform for a unique storytelling opportunity. Our goal was to create a club with an evolving identity that was constantly reflecting vastly different aesthetics, all while championing our respect and admiration for our favorite musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and audio engineers. This third collection pays homage to the 80’s home entertainment boom with a pair of styles that feature graphics and branding derived from VHS cassette tapes. While each capsule has represented a specific era in multimedia, this release is particularly exciting simply due to the nostalgic quality that’s inherit to all things 80’s.
A/V Dept. Cassette Standard Longsleeve Black
A/V Dept. Cassette Basic Tee Black
A/V Dept. Cassette Standard Longsleeve Black